Thursday, 1 October 2015


This is a poem I wrote for my very special friend called Faith Ndanu. She's a great inspiration to me and will always have a special place in my life. I wrote it just to make her realize how greatly she has influenced me. I called it 'A Wish' since it captures other emotions within me and can only be reduced to 'wishes'.

I have a wish,
A wish I do not dare utter,
Though it's all but my absolute desire,
A reflection of my true emotions,
In the end it's just but a wish.

A wish far from reality,
Of a world only in my mind.
All quiet and calm,
Joy it's true ambiance.
Oh, what a wish!

A wish that all would be different,
Even in the slightest of ways,
Then I would only but rejoice,
Just like a champion,
For my wish would be fulfilled.

A wish I can only murmur,
Only in my solitude,
Since it's the opposite of your wishes,
Leaving me with nothing but hope,
For wishes still remain an illusion,
Yet all I do is just but wish,
'If only you were mine.'


Miles and miles away,
She goes on and about,
Naive of the world beyond-
Exotic and a beauty to behold,
Coveted by many,
For it's resemblance to paradise;
Even when experienced in tiny,
It's still a reason to rejoice,
Yet she's blind,
Comatose and unaware,
Of the lurking joy, 
Just for her taking-
Enormous and inconceivable,
Sweeping one off their feet.
A force equally great,
To overpower a sturdy castle,
Deserved by the kind hearted,
For it's sheer magnitude-
The heart it's true abode;
Yet an elusive emotion,
To the few if not many.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I was once lost,
Lonely and torn apart.
My heart akin to a shell,
Empty and in shambles.
Thoughts unfathomable,
Inspiration inconceivable.
Then all was illuminated,
In a way unexpected;
For I found my star,
Compared to all brighter;
For indeed you're a gift,
A shimmer of light,
When all doesn't bode well.
I'm only but thankful,
To have you as a friend.

Monday, 25 May 2015


My days are longer,
Over and over,
Creating a sequence,
Tying me down to my nuance,
Akin to a captive,
With an edge of a positive;
Perhaps because I can roam-
Freely in the realm;
With each step lost,
Deep in the midst,
Of my emotions,
Of fairly spooky proportions,
Hoping my wish,
Can liberate me from this mesh,
Sooner rather than later!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


 There are a few occasions in life when one feels less motivated and uninspired due to negative emotions. It has been said over and over again that, 'it does not hurt to be happy' but the daunting question is, how can one get back into a good mood when overwhelmed by these emotions?
I recently encountered some tricks which can be helpful:

1) Positive Energy.

When negative energy hovers around you, a bad mood is inevitable. If one can fight this then in no time you could be up and jumping around, as a happy person. A few things to bring back the positive energy include:

(a) Exercising - When you involve your body in an exercise no matter how simple it is, there is production of  a chemical i.e dopamine which leads to happiness.

(b) Think of something you cherish - A bad mood may arise from having sad thoughts. Happy thoughts will always get you excited.

(c)  Long deep breaths - Try to relax your body by taking some deep breaths to calm you down.

(d) Listen to inspiring music - This will get rid of all the sadness and eventually put a smile on your face.

2) Do something new.

Day to day activities may get you down as they may tend to be boring since they may lack the thrill.
New input to your program breaks the pattern as you're able to create new and exciting memories.
They can also be things you love but you don't get to do them often; like watching television, taking a walk, visiting a friend and so much more.

3) Writing a Short Gratitude List.

This gets your mind to focus on the stuff you're grateful for and gets you happier and proud.
You may be in a bad mood because you're referring to yourself as 'poor-me'. Anything that you are absolutely grateful  for discards this mentality and ultimately leaves' you in a good mood .
For instance I can say am grateful for this blog, having supportive friends, great weather. Seen how easy it can be?

The above tricks will always get you into a good mood whenever sad or depressed. Just try them out and share your experience.