Monday, 25 May 2015


My days are longer,
Over and over,
Creating a sequence,
Tying me down to my nuance,
Akin to a captive,
With an edge of a positive;
Perhaps because I can roam-
Freely in the realm;
With each step lost,
Deep in the midst,
Of my emotions,
Of fairly spooky proportions,
Hoping my wish,
Can liberate me from this mesh,
Sooner rather than later!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


 There are a few occasions in life when one feels less motivated and uninspired due to negative emotions. It has been said over and over again that, 'it does not hurt to be happy' but the daunting question is, how can one get back into a good mood when overwhelmed by these emotions?
I recently encountered some tricks which can be helpful:

1) Positive Energy.

When negative energy hovers around you, a bad mood is inevitable. If one can fight this then in no time you could be up and jumping around, as a happy person. A few things to bring back the positive energy include:

(a) Exercising - When you involve your body in an exercise no matter how simple it is, there is production of  a chemical i.e dopamine which leads to happiness.

(b) Think of something you cherish - A bad mood may arise from having sad thoughts. Happy thoughts will always get you excited.

(c)  Long deep breaths - Try to relax your body by taking some deep breaths to calm you down.

(d) Listen to inspiring music - This will get rid of all the sadness and eventually put a smile on your face.

2) Do something new.

Day to day activities may get you down as they may tend to be boring since they may lack the thrill.
New input to your program breaks the pattern as you're able to create new and exciting memories.
They can also be things you love but you don't get to do them often; like watching television, taking a walk, visiting a friend and so much more.

3) Writing a Short Gratitude List.

This gets your mind to focus on the stuff you're grateful for and gets you happier and proud.
You may be in a bad mood because you're referring to yourself as 'poor-me'. Anything that you are absolutely grateful  for discards this mentality and ultimately leaves' you in a good mood .
For instance I can say am grateful for this blog, having supportive friends, great weather. Seen how easy it can be?

The above tricks will always get you into a good mood whenever sad or depressed. Just try them out and share your experience.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Many a times, 
The world does feel smaller,
Probably bigger with less in it;
Few chances and opportunities,
Less motivation and purpose,
More shortcomings and misfortunes,
Enshrined in the day to day way of life;
The only comfort a couple of words,
"Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"
Yet strength is hard to come by,
Precisely the physical strength;
Fortunately, willpower can be summoned,
Tainted with willingness to fight;
Shedding off all the negativity,
Creating a new purpose and reenacting motivation,
A peculiarity that makes the world a perfect place,
Worth awakening to.

Thursday, 5 June 2014


I stare up at the sky,
An empty space,
That's all I see,
Nothing captivating on sight,
Yet it's a calm night,
Filled with melodious sounds,
Escaping the unseen little insects,
Deservedly worth the praise,
For they offer stiff competition,
To the soothing tunes,
Of the early morning birds;
The sounds peculiarly gentle-
The melody untainted,
As the rhythm echoes,
Restoring hope,
Though in my own world, 
Elevating me to a star,
To shine through the vastness,
Of the outer space,
Wandering aimlessly through the sky,
The world not my own,
For I stumble upon other stars;
Realizing I'm not alone anymore.

Friday, 30 May 2014


I never seem to fully savor a deservedly earned victory. It gets me beaming with pleasure and clinching my fist in a snooty manner. The feeling can be overwhelming but I don't let it impinge upon my attitude and behavior. 
 'One should never desert his true self and drown in a fleeting feeling' is my guiding principle. This phrase is peculiarly curved from the realization that there are still more battles yet to come, no matter the current outcome.
My reaction after a unforeseen loss (bearing in mind we all encounter challenges or predicaments with the hope of pulling through successfully) is never the inverse of when I win
I must admit losing does change my mood precipitously. I start contemplating on the various strategies I should have used and might have had a higher probability of success!
I try not to rue my missed chance and move on quickly. Basically, this is in order to be prepared for what lies ahead no matter how bleak.
There need to be a balance between winning and losing. Winning is meant to increase the appetite for success. I often rather than not get inspiration from my past success. I use it to curve a desirable result in whatever I encounter.
Losing should be the basis of challenging oneself. I take it as a lesson and ensure I'm much better in my future endeavors.
Never let losing affect you. Replicate success and you'll attain all your goals.